Migrating to a better business with MMS
The Story
Migrating Specialists Ltd was founded in 2013 by Sammy Naghi and supply professional and expert legal advice on how to obtain an Australian Visa and emigrate to Australia.

Sammy is the UK’s only practising Australian Immigration Solicitor who is also a MARA Registered Migration Agent with over 10 years’ experience in the Australian migration industry.

We started working with Sammy and his team in late 2015 and since that time have formed a close working partnership. Together we have transformed the companies online presence, developed and implemented the Migrating Specialists marketing strategy and helped to direct the growing number of live seminars and associated sponsorship deals in the UK and Dubai.

How we made a difference

Corporate Identity

Design and print of flyers

Design of exhibition displays

Sales messaging


Corporate strategy

Social media

Website refresh

Video production

Branded Merchandising

SEO advice and sourcing

Adwords management

Your visitors take less than 5 secs when deciding to stay on your website
Migrating Specialists are a fantastic company and many of their customers are passionate about all things Australia. It seemed obvious to us that the first thing their website visitors needed to see was something that spoke to that passion and got them excited about talking to Sammy and his team.

We designed and implemented a brand new full-screen video header for the front page of the MSL website. The moving video footage of engaging scenes from Australia was designed to make visitors form an immediate emotional attachment to MSL’s brand and reinforce in their minds that MSL was the company for them.

The auto-play video header and site refresh has been an enormous success increasing dwell time on the site and resulting in a higher conversion rate and healthy growth.

Designing the new identity
Working with one of the very talented members of our MMS network, we designed and developed the new logo and branding for Migrating Specialists.

With a luxurious metallic gold colour palette, the new logo design was chosen from a list of 10 possible designs and the end result is a brand that represents the company perfectly and has been a complete success.

The tools for promotion