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The social media space is busy...really busy.

In today’s market, social media is a highly effective way to grow your business, attract new clients and create a loyal community of followers/customers. Many businesses are spending time and energy posting and tweeting with no clear strategy or thought about the content they’re using, so not achieving the desired result of engaging with their target audience. The key to social success is to find the right way to connect with your target audience in meaningful ways, at the right time, and via the right social platform.

Getting the chemistry right

There are literally hundreds of social media networks out there with more popping up all the time. Just starting to think of where you should market your business can be overwhelming. Thankfully you don’t need to be on all of them to see results. The secret lies in a clear understanding of who your market is and the best social platforms to find them on.

Linkedin can hold the key for B2B's

If by some twist of fate your B2B company was being sent to a desert island and told it could only take one social platform with it, that platform would be Linkedin. Ok so that was a dreadful analogy but the point holds true. Linkedin, with its 260 million business users, stands head and shoulders above other platforms when looking at leads and conversions. It’s not only the perfect place to network and build relationships, it also contains the priceless ability to target individuals in certain roles within certain types of companies and within certain geographical areas…a marketers dream.

500,000 million users, 140 characters and heaps of business potential

Twitter is a great tool for finding new leads, getting insights on your industry and keeping an eye in real time on what your competitors are up to. The danger with this platform is that you will spend your time just tweeting out links of industry related stories in the hope that you will suddenly grow a huge following and double your sales. This is just not going to happen. However, with the right strategies in place and intelligent use of the search features and list building techniques, twitter can be one of your greatest allies.

Want to make friends with Google?

It may not have the usage that the likes of Facebook, twitter or Linkedin enjoy, but no business should overlook Google + when considering where to focus their social presence. The fact that having a complete and optimised profile gives a huge boost to your rankings on Google’s search engine is reason enough to pay it some serious attention. Throw in the fact that your customer reviews and other useful info will show up in the search results providing social proof that gets you more traffic, and you have something that is impossible to ignore.

The big daddy of the social world

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, you just cannot ignore Facebook. It is hugely popular and has the largest user base out of all the platforms. It may be more suited to consumer facing brands but is still a useful method of lead generation no matter what your company does. The key to success with Facebook is found in the tone of your brand messaging. You must come across as conversational and not in any way pushy, which is something that certain businesses find difficult to pull off.

The power of video

YouTube is the 3rd most visited site in the world (it’s Google and Facebook if you’re wondering) and is actually the 2nd largest search engine. With most of the web coming onto this platform at some point or another during their daily digital journey, it’s a tragedy how many small businesses haven’t got a solid presence on the site. The reasons for this are that traditionally video is a headache to produce, but that is changing as there are more and more solutions coming onto the scene that enable companies to create engaging video content for minimal cost. Video sells…let us show you how.


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