Brand Beautiful
The Story

Gt Bentley Beauty & Skin Care is owned by Alex Black, a highly experienced beauty therapist with over 10 years’ experience in professional beauty treatments.

Alex is fully trained in the internationally famous Dermalogica treatment system and has been awarded Dermalogica Expert Status, recognised as one of the highest trained skin care professionals in Dermalogica and indeed the country.

Working together with Alex, we designed and developed a new logo and brand style for her business along with a full website refresh design and updates to all her sales documents and price lists and other printed collateral.

How we made a difference

Corporate Identity

Design of printed collateral


Social media

Website design and refresh

Adwords management

First impressions count

When we started working with Alex, her website was functional but lacked the visual impact that a lot of her competition was achieving and in an industry where image is everything, this was holding her back.

We designed and helped implement the site refresh that you see above and Alex started to see results almost immediately.

By introducing some of the high quality dermalogica images as full width hero shots at the top of the front page, an instant increase in the overall feeling of quality and service was achieved. Couple this with the new logo, branding and colour palette and she now has a website that is giving her competition a run for its money.


In with the new…

The idea of the butterfly icon was developed to represent the idea of ongoing transformation and natural beauty.

The colour palette was also carefully chosen to suit the business. Stunning shades of pink and purple were chosen to evoke feelings of Beauty, Tenderness, Sexuality and Luxury.